How have you matured and grown as an individual during this academic year? - Ms. Maxwell's English Classes
Each year contributes to my growth as an individual as each of you touch my life.  Each class has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and that is what contributes to our unique class culture.  As your teacher, I hope that you have absorbed useful knowledge and life-skills-- do not forget them and take them every place in life.  Thank you for bringing life to our classroom and always do your best no matter where life leads you!  -Ms. M
valerie p.6
5/18/2010 01:26:08 pm

dear ms. maxwell

its true what we learn will take us far in life

Claudia I. Dominguez (Period 3)
5/19/2010 09:56:35 am

During this academic year, I have grown to make my own decisions in life and school situations. These decisions help me learn a lesson from the wrong choice and experience the goal acheived when the right choice is made. Honestly, becoming more mature has not really changed. I just act mature in places where I need to start acting like a person who is not childish. I guess changing classes helped my "growing up" situation.... I would always put myself down by saying "You're not smart enough to be in ALL these Honors classes. You might as well fail the class... Why wait til the end of the year?" Getting out of the Honors classes has taught me that failing on purpose affects the classes you get for the next year and it can limit college choices in life.

Ms. Maxwell,
I haven't had you for the entire year, but somehow you got me to start doing my homework. I appreciate all the work you do for the classes. As for next year, I will TOTALLY miss you if you are not at MHS.

Christian Palacios (period 3)
5/21/2010 11:54:53 am

In the past acdemic year, I have transformed in to a better person. I have also increased my Math skills as well as my English skills. I have envolved into a better person, learning how to make better decisions in life as well as in school. This year has helped me to think diffrent of school, and gave me the strength to keep going in my education.


Since the moment I walked in your classroom, I knew I was walking threw one of the doors of my success. I've had a great year in your classroom and I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me. I also want to tell you are a great English teacher, keep it up. Congratulations Ms.Maxwell for geting your job back.
Thanks I hope to see you next year!!!!!! :)

Pamela Alarcon (Period 1)
9/17/2010 01:47:51 pm

As a person I have grown. Every day shapes me up to a better person in life. In middle school i was foolish I didn't really care about school. But once I entered the gates of high school i knew i my whole was going to change. I grew up and took my grades seriously and ended up with a 3.9 and I was proud. But as a human being i do expect to grow more and more from my mistakes and others.

lesley padilla
9/22/2010 11:49:26 am

i agree with this statement that Ralph Waldo made because, everyone has to be true to who they really are. Many people aren't true tothemself because they are scared of what people think about who they really are.If you belive in who you really are you won't have to be someone you really are. Once people relize that being yourself is not hard thay will see is better than acting like someone your not. This is my respans to the statements of Ralph Waldo.

Gustavo Hernandez
3/16/2011 07:15:24 am

I think i have grown so much this academic year. Your a great teacher and have taught me a lot on how to better improve my writting skills. As a person everyone matures... just some more than others. i may not be the most mature person around but, my grades are increasing ( even though they are terrible, they have been worse trust me ). I have gotten comments about my writting style before. Somewhat good some teachers tell me. If anything I probably enjoy writting more than many other subjects and hope to improve more with the years to come.


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