Deciding your path can be one of the most powerful decisions you can make NOW.  Have the life decisions you’ve made been positive ones?  Are you at peace with the choices you’ve made?  Are you the person you want to be now?   How do you know?   Deeply reflect on these questions.

“In the seeing of who you are not, the reality of who you are emerges by itself.”  Some people you know are on a path that is destructive and full of negativity.  This person might even be you.  This path may not seem all bad, but there will come a time and place where this person may find themselves alone and unfulfilled.  How can a person in this situation make a conscious change NOW?

Set new goals (or set old goals that you haven't met yet but wish to accomplish).  Set positive short-term and long-term goals to achieve that pertains to your academics and your personal life.

Alfredo Bolanos
3/8/2011 16:59:59

Well, when one makes a choice it can be stressful at times. There are 2 paths to choose from, of course the good path and the bad path. For me however i do not suffer peer pressure, i have chosen the good path and by doing so i am a good student. i am academically "proactive" which means i make choices on impulses. Although life is hard, the point is life is about realizing your goals and dreams and working hard to accomplish them. To be honest, i have a few number of friends who make the wrong choices or committing illegal acts. they will pressure you at times, but i am stong enough to say no and they always respect my desicion. :).. i know i am a respectful and "smart" student. i study and work hard, i never give up. my goal is to go to college and by taking these small steps i walk closer and closer of realizing my dream!

Gustavo Hernandez
3/16/2011 14:07:57

Well it's ovious that in life there are some choices we have to make. Everything we say, do, or sometimes even feel will reflect on us in the future. I myself am in the center of good and bad. My academic life is not the way it should be but im trying to pick. so unfortuanatley the choices i have made are not as I would have liked. But, whos to blame but myself. Although I am still the person I want to be now. I know this because I am happy with who I am. i have goals set. Although at the moment i may be making them a little difficult to reach. Doesnt change that I will get there someday though. The way anyone , including myself , can make a change now for the better is just set a goal and dont stop till you reach it.

Joshua Lara
4/25/2011 20:14:02

Deciding your own path is difficult but not impossible. Life is about making choices. Either good or bad choices, we must learn and grow from every experience. I have tried my best on doing what I believe to be right. I have tried to test my limits by doing things that will help me later in life. I have made some bad decisions such as allowing my grades to slip. Right now I am not the person I want to be because I am failing some of my class, but I plan on bringing those grades up. My goal is to get better grades and keep them up.

5/12/2011 17:34:23

I feel that now the school year is coming to an end and i look back at the path i took, i feel that i have made many good decisions && some that i am not so proud of. Looking back at my freshmen year i have grown extremely. i once use to slack off and think that everything would go my way in the future and put absolutely no effort. After the first semester went by i started to look at myself in the mirror more i started to look at myself from another persons point of view, i am a smart person i am smarter then i look, smarter then the decisions i have made in the past. Sophomore year i know i could of done a whole lot better then what i put down onto the plate, the effort that i made, the grades that which make me ashame. i decided to grow up and face reality that nothing goes your way if you do not take advantage of your education and work for what you want. i gave up a lot of my time with my friends, to text, to talk on the phone, boys, Tv, and the internet to focus on whats really important. it kills me but i am more at peace with myself knowing i am a strong enough person to make sacrifices, So yes i am very at peace with the decisions i have made. i am not totally everything i hope to be as the perfect student the perfect person but with the little decisions i make on a daily basis makes me feel a whole lot better about myself. i reflect back at the decisions i have made and i am dearly ashamed of the old me. now i feel like a whole new person on the path that i should of been on a long time ago, still not perfect but i am on my way. my advice to a person who is going down a negative path should stop and look at themselves, understand their wrongs, believe that they are better then that, believe that their capable of doing anything if they put effort, time and strength into it. Once you get on the right track and do whats best for you, life and everything around you feels a whole lot better. Even if that negative road your going down is fun and thrilling nothing feels greater then the feeling of self-happiness, accomplishment and knowing your capable of succeeding.


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